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It's our way of saying...Thanks for visiting our store, and make yourself at home.

What’s one of the first things you do when a guest comes into your home? Often, you ask them if they’d like something to drink. That’s the idea behind Grand’s long tradition of offering you a Coke when you enter our store. It’s our way of saying, “Welcome to our home. Relax and make yourself comfortable.” It just seems like the neighborly thing to do and is part of our mission to make you feel happy and provide a comfortable shopping experience.

It all started back in 1953, when we opened the Grand Home Furnishings store in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our founder, George Cartledge, Sr. thought we should give a little something to everyone who came in for the Grand Opening. The opening was a huge success, with nearly 10,000 people coming through the store over three days. People were so happy receiving the free Cokes that we continued the tradition, handing them out in every store, every day.

Now, we’re giving out over 1,300,000 beverages each year. It has become a tradition that customers remember for years and years as a uniquely Grand experience. It’s not unusual for several generations of one family to have visited us over the years. Customers often tell us about their happy memories of getting their first Coke at Grand as a child.


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