#StyleTip: Make this Valentine’s Day Fun for the Whole Family

Finding time to decorate for holidays can be tricky for parents, but getting kids involved makes it fun for everyone!

Valentine's Day Home Decor

In its enchanting way, Valentine’s Day is the most heartwarming holiday of the year. It’s a holiday devoted entirely to the fond feelings we have for one another – a magical time to celebrate every kind of love. What better way to come together as a family than to transform your home for the holiday?Even better, you can keep the kids busy and teach them a thing or two about design by including them in creating some Valentine’s home decor.

Looking to make this Valentine’s Day a sweet experience for your whole family? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Shop in the Name of Love 

valentine's home decor paperTaking children shopping can be a bit of a handful, but by involving them in planning and putting together your Valentine’s Day decorations, you can help them help you. So sit them down and put together a shopping list. You’ll need pink and red-hued candy, colored paper, mason jars, streamers and maybe a plain wreath or two. Most of those things can be picked up at the local arts and crafts store or the local super mart. If you’re running low on scotch tape or glue sticks, then don’t forget to grab a few of those as well.

If you’re on a budget you can find all these things at the dollar store, including the candy. Just make sure the kids stick to the shopping list! If you’re feeling adventurous, head over to a second hand or vintage store to look for quirky finds to accentuate the overall feel of the room. Try for something in rose, salmon or powder pink.

If you’re eco-conscious, you can also build supplies by hanging on to Valentine’s themed recyclables. Ribbons, bows and bottle caps in pink and red are just a few of the decorative flourishes that may already be laying around your home.

Hearts and Crafts 

Valentine's home decor paper heartsNow that you’re all stocked up, the next step is to find some time with the kids to do some fun crafting activities. Call them over to your craft table and have them lay out all the materials with you. If you have younger kids, then this is a great art learning opportunity.

To avoid temptation, it’s best to leave the candy for last. Start out by having the kids cut out paper hearts – a handful of big ones and lots of little ones. Have the youngsters glue some of the big hearts to the wreath. Glue the little ones to a sheet of solid-colored construction paper and put it in a picture frame.

Valentine's home decor heart stringsYou can also use some of the big hearts for Valentine’s day cards or attach them to a rope using clothes pins for a rustic-looking banner. If you’re feeling ambitious, find a pattern for paper flowers online to put in one of your mason jars. Once you’ve got everything else taken care of it’s time to fill some mason jars with candy.

Making the Magic Happen 

Valentine's home decor flowersYou may want to run out for some fresh flowers when you’re getting ready to decorate. They’ll look adorable next to their paper pals.

Now it’s time to take a look at your home. After all, every home is different! Is there a lot of natural light in your living room? Does your space have hallways or is it more open concept? Are your sofas arranged around a coffee table? Staging matters!

Little ones shouldn’t climb on the furniture to put up streamers but they can hold the trailing ends while you do it. Streamers can run along curtain rods or over the tops of picture frames to reduce the amount of tape you need to hold them up and preserve the paint on the walls.

Valentine's home decor candyUse some of the candy and arrange it in a color gradient on your coffee table. The paper flowers can go on the coffee table too but the real ones are better off on a credenza. Kids will be kids, and this will help you avoid spills.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now that the house is all decorated, all that’s left is to call up grandma and grandpa and see if they’ll take the kids for the night. Send the kids off to school with the Valentines they made and enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone in your perfectly decorated home! Or, if you’d rather, make it a family movie night and celebrate together.


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  1. Hello, I am really inspired by your article and really it would be great fun and adventurous for a family to decorate home together. This valentine day I am going to involve my kids for decorating and shopping ideas and I hope it would be great fun for them and beside this, they will also learn several things. Thank you for sharing.
    “Happy valentines day”

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