#StyleTip: How to Choose Accessories for Your Home

Choosing accessories for your home can be done in so many different ways. They really are the frosting on the cake, the things that pull the room together or give it a pop of color. It can be kind of intimidating, but it is a lot of fun.

Grand accessories for your home

In recent style tips, we’ve talked about how to create a specific room, like one for your teen or tween. Or how to freshen up a room, like your master bedroom. But today, I’m going to talk about those finishing touches that make any room – your home accessories.

You Will Make Mistakes & That’s Okay

The first thing I would tell someone looking to choose home accessories is, you’re going to make mistakes. Just know that going in. It’s not an exact science. You’ll choose some things you think will work and when you get them home, you realize they’re just not right. Or you don’t like them now that you see them with everything else. And that’s okay. Just know going in that you’re not going to love everything you pick out.

Grand living room accessoriesA lot of times, even I don’t hit everything right the first time. The first time I went up to the most recent house I was working on, I took so much stuff up there and I brought half of it back. And then I took more stuff back up with me to finish it and I felt so much better because when I went through the stores the second time, I was like, “that’s the piece I need!” In the end, I was very happy and so was the client. So know you won’t get it all right the first time and just go with it. You will always be able to tweak your room until you’re completely happy.

Find Your Starting Point

Grand dining roomI always ask, “What do you have in your room that you want to keep?” You probably already have something that means a lot to you. So, let’s use that and expand on that. Take those pieces you love and know you want to keep in the room and build the rest of your home accessories around them.

For instance, I did one room where we built the rest of the room completely around a painting they had. It was an Asian influence painting and it had mostly black and a rusty cherry color in it. We did the whole room around those colors. We did a cream leather in the chairs and the pillows were that rusty cherry red color. Then we got the rug that reflected those colors and everything in the room tied back to that painting. It turned out really neat.

Do One Room at a Time

Grand living room accessoriesIt is not important for all your home accessories  to match. To me, it’s room by room. It used to be everything in your house had to be one style like traditional or all Chippendale or all the same color. I don’t think you have to do that anymore. These days everything is so eclectic. However, if it’s one big, open room, I think you do need to make sure it flows.

Take each room and do what you love, what you like – use the possessions you have, stuff from your travels, your antiques or hand-me-downs or whatever to give each room its own personality. Then build off that. If you’re having trouble, we can help you make it work.

Ask a Designer for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. At Grand, we have design consultants who would be happy to give you some ideas. Give them a starting point and let them show you some options. Because you may be thinking of one thing, but if you’re shown other options, you may think, “Oh, I didn’t know I could do that. But, I like that idea better.”

We’ll give you some options to choose from, not so many as to be overwhelming, but maybe some things you might not have thought of for your home. In the end, though, it’s all about whatever makes you happy.

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This week’s article comes from Jill Truitt, Grand’s Corporate Display Coordinator/Buyer. She’s been a part of the Grand family for over 25 years, and today, she’s in charge of the look you’ll find in the showrooms of all 17 Grand stores.

For questions/comments for Jill or our design team, or to schedule a design consult, please email designer@grandhomefurnishings.com.

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