#StyleTip: Find Your Style & Toast Your Good Taste

Feeling unsure about what exactly your style is when it comes to interior decorating? Don’t fret, here are some tips on how to find your style and toast your good taste

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If you’re not positive which furniture styles you relate to most or even if you have no clue where to begin, asking yourself these four simple questions can help narrow things down.

Past or present?

traditional lookLovers of the past may enjoy contemporary, French country, farmhouse or traditional looks when decorating the home. For contemporary, think sleek lines and 60’s flair that makes you feel like you’ve landed back in the past. Farmhouse reflects the simpler time of life in the country. French country designs are more whimsical and romantic, with elegantly curved furniture and decor that can almost remind you of being in a French estate. When thinking of traditional, keep in mind classic lines and comfortable furnishings.

modern furniture stylesThose who prefer their designs be more up to date could appreciate modern, Scandinavian or eclectic. With modern, you’re looking for clean lines and a more minimalist approach, while Scandinavian serves as a blend of modern and rustic. Warm woods and area rugs are key. Eclectic is a design style that allows you to throw traditional conventions to the wind and choose your own casual aesthetic.

Full of color or pleasantly neutral?

bold color furniture stylesDo you love bright, bold colors? Chances are you’re looking at a style more focused around contemporary, eclectic and traditional aspects of design. If bright and bold colors are not your cup of tea and you prefer a more neutral look consider modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian or coastal design ideas.

Less is more or more is more?

For those who prefer the less is more approach, your design style will match up well with contemporary, modern or Scandinavian. If you enjoy having more items included in your decor consider eclectic, traditional or French country.

City or country?

Home decor from Magnolia HomeAre you a fan of city life? Modern, contemporary or Scandinavian are the design styles you may gravitate more towards. Those who love country living will feel more in tune with farmhouse, rustic, coastal or French country styles.

It can be difficult narrowing down which design style you appreciate the most, but if you’re looking for a fun way to discover what it may be, check out this fun design quiz from HGTV. After you’ve discovered what your style is, you’ll even have a few excellent cocktail options to choose from to celebrate and toast your good taste!

Need further insight into the various home decor styles? Our design experts would be happy to help you narrow things down.

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