#StyleTip: Simple Home Décor for Your Spring Party

This is the perfect time to share some style tips for getting your home party ready this spring.

Style Tip: Simple Home Décor for Your Spring Party

It’s spring and a great time for gathering with family and friends to celebrate the season. With both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby happening this weekend, there are sure to be more than a few of you throwing a party for one or the other. So, this is the perfect time to share some style tips for getting your home party ready this spring.

First, pick out a color scheme for your party. This will give you a place to start when coordinating your décor.  Some party themes have a more obvious color scheme like the traditional red, green and yellow for Cinco de Mayo. But for most parties you can choose whatever colors suit your taste and blend well with your permanent home décor.

One way to sprinkle your chosen color scheme throughout your party space this spring is to add fresh flowers. You can clip whatever is blooming in your yard now or buy a couple bundles of fresh flowers at a nearby store or florist. A fun way to display them is, instead of typical vases, try something else. Vintage tea tins, mason jars or any number of household items can act as unusual and interesting ways to display your flowers. You can find some interesting ideas for displaying your flowers in Country Living magazine’s recent article on Spring Centerpieces and Table Decorations.

Once you have a color scheme, you can choose linens, food displays, centerpieces and festive touches that all fit within the color palate you’ve chosen. That way the whole house looks coordinated just for your special event.

When it comes to feeding your party guests, what kind of eating arrangement do you have in mind? If it’s a sit-down meal where everyone eats at once, you’ll want to make sure you have enough seating so everyone can sit together at one long table or multiple tables in different rooms. This can include patio dining sets, if the weather is nice enough.

If your eating arrangement is more of a walk around, eat as you go set up, go beyond setting food out on the dining or kitchen table. Setting out a nice food display on a stylish sideboard or cocktail table can add to that strolling dinner party feel.

Finally, add some decorative touches that highlight the theme of the party. Whether it’s for Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby (maybe both this year!) or just a gathering of friends to celebrate the warmth of the season. Choose some party decorations that fit your color scheme, your theme and reflect the types of guests that will be in attendance. If it’s going to be full of kids, make sure the decorations are kid friendly. If it’s more of an adults only party, choose something more sophisticated that reflects that. You can find decorations at many local stores and even the dollar stores can have exceptional choices for very little money.  Don’t have a theme for you party? Here are some creative party ideas from HGTV.

Just remember to have fun and make sure your décor matches your personal style. The right touches can enhance the party feel, but there’s no wrong way to decorate. Don’t be afraid to try something different. If it makes you happy, you’ve succeeded!

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