How to measure a sectional sofa [Video]

Use this guide to help you gather all of the necessary measurements as you shop for your sectional sofa.

Sectional sofas are ideal for spacious gathering areas. With so many materials and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one that meets both your functionality needs and design preferences. However, before you can begin to focus on details like color and style, you have to ensure that you have sufficient space for the sofa you choose.

Use this guide to help you gather all of the necessary measurements as you shop for your sectional sofa.

Measure your room
Start by taking your room’s measurements. Record the length, width and height of your space, focusing on the area you hope to place your sofa. Remember to factor in the standard L-shape and to determine if there are any additional spots your sofa would fit in case you ever need to rearrange your setup. You may find your room will better fit a two-piece sectional versus a larger, three-piece option.

If you want to place your sofa in front of your windows, measure their height to ensure the sofa back isn’t taller than the sill.

Take dimensions of sofa
As you shop, measure the sofa’s corner chair and the right- or left-arm love seat and combine numbers for a totalĀ length measurement. For the overall width, measure the components along the back of the sofa. Compare these total measurements with your room’s to determine whether it will fit comfortably.

Mark your space
Once you have a couple of sectionals in mind, tape off your floor to give you a visual of how much space your sofa will take up. Make sure you will have enough room for walking, taking into consideration the existing furniture as well.

Ensure a smooth delivery
Confirm that your hallways and door frames are tall and wide enough for your sectional sofa to be carried through during delivery. Inform those delivering your sectional of particularly narrow areas so they can be extra cautious as they approach them.



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