How to decorate a small entryway [Video]

As your entryway is the introduction to the rest of your living space, it's important to give it all the attention you would for any other room in the house and more.

The entryway is one of the most underrated rooms in the home. Many houses feature a small foyer that doesn’t give homeowners much to work with, often resulting in a space that isn’t used to its full potential.

As your entryway is the introduction to the rest of your living space, it’s important to give it all the attention you would for any other room in the house, and more. Keep in mind that there are home furnishings and accents that work perfectly in these cramped yet important spaces.

Even if you have limited space at your disposal, use these tips to decorate your foyer to ensure no room goes to waste in your home:

1. Go bold with statement colors and patterns
Just because your space is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be bold and make a statement. Depending on your surrounding design theme and color palette, this might mean decorating with a bright accent chair featuring stylish elements like a winged back and elegant rolled arms. The unexpected splash of color and the head-turning design will stop guests in their tracks as they enter your home, especially if you have a primarily neutral color scheme and the vibrant shade really sticks out.

Another simple yet effective way to make a statement is by decorating with patterned wallpaper on your foyer’s focal wall. This will distinguish the space from the hallway and surrounding rooms and give the area a stunning and captivating appearance.

2. Establish convenience with effective storage
You can easily transform your home’s tight quarters into usable spaces that truly make the most of the area. Install a few hooks along your entryway walls as places for people to hang up their coats and hats as they enter. A small shoe shelf or even a designated indoor/outdoor area rug can serve as an ideal spot to kick off your footwear before heading any further into the house. This is particularly important during the spring, as rainy weather tends to increase the amount of mud and grass tracked into the home.

Console tables are other popular accents that homeowners like to introduce to their foyers. These add a place to store belongings like keys, bags and other small items that might otherwise end up on the floor. Look for a product with drawers and shelves for ultimate storage capacity.

3. Spread the light with mirrors
Perhaps one of the most effective accessories for the foyer are mirrors. Aside from providing a place where guests can check to make sure their makeup is good to go before heading into the party, mirrors can also contribute a valuable design element to the foyer. Depending on the size and the frame you select, they can either make a statement, or contribute a subtle hint of the design theme you’re going for. Regardless of the product you choose, mirrors of all shapes and sizes are ideal for small entryways because they move natural lighting throughout the space, making the area look larger than it is.


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  1. Your ideas are super cool and really very beneficial to enhance anyone home decor. Beautiful thoughts I am surely gonna be used the idea of Spread the light with mirrors into my home. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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