How to buy your first mattress

Don’t fret – we’ve got some tips to help you figure out which mattress is best for you.

How to buy your first mattress

Are you shopping for your first mattress? When simply browsing, it can seem like there are far too many options. Where should you even start? Don’t fret – we’ve got some tips to help you figure out which mattress is best for you:

Consider your sleeping positions
Many people have a go-to position that they lie in when trying to sleep. Yours may be on your stomach, back or a specific side. This is important to know as it will guide your choice of mattress thickness and elasticity. Side sleepers, for example, are more comfortable with a foam or pillow-topped mattress. These options allow the bed to better adjust to the deeper curves of a sleeping person’s shoulders, hips and knees. People who sleep on their stomach require a more firm mattress to prevent their body from bowing in the night.

How much room do you need?
The size of a mattress is also important. First, how much space do you have in your bedroom? Trying to squish a king-sized mattress into a too-small room isn’t recommended. Once you’ve considered the physical space available, how much do you take up as a person? Do you sleep sprawled out and require extra mattress space? Will you be sleeping with a partner and a dog or alone? These are necessary aspects to consider.

Work with trained bedding specialists
Grand Home Furnishings provides trained bedding specialists to help you choose from over 70 mattress models. We are the mattress experts. Find a lower mattress price elsewhere on the same mattress after your purchase and we’ll pay you not just the difference, but 125 percent of the difference. While all of our sales staff is factory-trained to provide the mattress information you need, most Grand stores provide a Mattress Specialist, an impartial, non-commission employee who has undergone rigorous training to fit you for the mattress that best meets your needs and budget. Many of the mattresses we sell are exclusive to Grand Home Furnishings with quality features simply not available at other stores. For example, we’re one of a handful of retailers in the U.S. with 2-sided Serta mattresses and it was at our request that these were manufactured. Don’t just pull a mattress off the rack at a wholesale club without experiencing Grand Home Furnishings’ quality first.

Try them all
It may seem awkward to go from one mattress to the next spending a few moments lying down on each. While it is a little silly, it’s totally necessary. To get a feel for the mattress, try to lie there for five-10 minutes. This allows ample time for the mattress to conform to your body and for you to figure out if you want something softer or firmer. You can always choose a more firm mattress with a foam or pillow-top to change up the comfort level. Even if you think you like a softer mattress, try some firm ones too. You may be surprised to learn that you’ve been sleeping on a mattress that is all wrong for years. Make sure you lie down in the position that you usually sleep, and also make use of a pillow.

Don’t assume price equals quality
More expensive mattresses may not suddenly help you ditch insomnia or cure back pain. They can, however, be a burden to your wallet. Don’t assume that a mattress with a large price tag is going to be perfect for you. The same is true of lower-priced options – try them all out to see what feels best while still sticking to your budget.

Don’t hesitate to research online before heading to the store. Write down a list of mattress options in your price range that you’d like to check out. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and give you some ideas to start with.





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    2. I have back problems and I sleep either on my side or on my back. Whichever way my back doesn’t hurt. What type of mattress do you recommend. Thank you

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