How can mattresses impact your sleep quality?

Read on to learn how mattresses are a crucial piece of furniture that affect your nightly Zs.

Try both firm and soft mattresses before buying one.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Individuals who are over age 18 and don’t sleep for at least 7 hours a night are considered to be operating on a sleep deficit. This can make them drowsy and confused, as well as lead to trouble with memory and focus. Does this sound familiar? Your mattress may be a culprit contributing to your lack of sleep and reduce your sleep quality. Read on to learn how this crucial piece of furniture affects your nightly Zs:

Mattresses get old
How many years ago did you buy your mattress? Unlike wood furniture, mattresses change shape as they age. The longer you’ve had yours, the more your body has indented on the mattress. This is natural and can’t be avoided. However, you can mitigate problems caused by an old mattress by purchasing a new one every five to 10 years. Old mattresses can cause back pain, trouble sleeping and even exacerbate allergies and asthma, so don’t hesitate to shop for a new one if it’s time.

You may have breathing troubles
Mattresses don’t just change shape as they get older. These products also hold a lot of tiny particles that can affect how you breathe while you’re lying on them. Dead skin cells, hair and sweat build up, potentially worsening asthma, contributing to sleep apnea and just plain making you sneeze. Change your sheets weekly, and use a vacuum wand to suck up any surface particles from the top of your mattress.

“Old mattresses can contribute to breathing troubles.”

Your bed frame may add to the problem
Does your mattress sink down in the middle? This may be the fault of your bed frame lacking center supports. Make sure that you purchase a bed that offers support down the middle of the mattress as well as on the sides. This will prolong the life of the mattress and help you sleep without dreams of being on a sinking ship!

Check your pillow
The mattress isn’t the only part that affects your sleep quality – your pillow is also a key factor. To identify what pillow is best for you, first figure out position you tend to sleep in. Side sleeping is common and requires a loftier pillow as you are lying on your shoulder and require some extra height. Stomach sleepers need thinner pillows to keep their spines aligned. The right pillow and mattress combo will help you find comfort in your bed, making you physically ready for sleep.

Rethink firm versus soft
The best way to tell if a new mattress is right for you is to lie on it for 10 minutes. This will allow the mattress to fully conform to your body. Whatever notion you have in your head about what you like should be thrown out – try a variety of mattresses to see what you really like. As you age, you may have different preferences, and since it’s been awhile since you last bought a mattress, your choices have likely altered. Try a memory foam mattress for temperature control and evenly dispersed body weight. Lie on an innerspring mattress with a pillow topper or a hybrid – a mix of memory foam and innerspring. Try a full range before selecting a mattress to take home. You’ll sleep much better when you know you’ve made the right choice for you.


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