What furniture material is best for your family? [Video]

Furniture material varies in terms of color, pattern, durability and texture. Learn about some options here.

What furniture material is best for your family?

There is a lot to think about when choosing new furniture. How big should it be, what color and where will it go are all important questions. Perhaps the most pressing decision, however, lies in picking what material you want. This greatly affects the look of the room as well as maintenance, durability and cost. Here are some options to consider when selecting new furniture:

Do you have pets or kids? Microfiber may be the best fabric for you. The material mimics other fabrics, like cotton or suede, so you can easily find one that suits the aesthetic you’re looking for. One of the most lauded benefits of microfiber is that is can easily be cleaned. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe up spills immediately after they happen. The weave is very tight, making this material highly durable, even through the everyday wear and tear of pets and kids. Microfiber chairs and couches come in many colors and patterns, so you’ll likely have quite the selection to choose from.

Many people love leather because of its smooth, cool feel. This material works well in just about any space, from modern living rooms to cozy man caves. Leather is available in many colors, including brown, black, white and red. If you spill on leather, you can quickly remove the offending food or drink with a damp cloth. Unlike fabrics, leather won’t fray, and it doesn’t take on age marks like other materials. Consider vacuuming your new leather furniture once a week to remove crumbs and pet hair that collect between the cushions, and apply a conditioner twice a year. Because leather has such a timeless look and tends to last a long time, you won’t need to replace this furniture any time soon.

One of the greatest benefits of fabric furniture is that it comes in thousands of patterns and colors. Fabric also has a wide variety of textures, from corduroy to wool, linen, velvet and chenille. Fabric furniture is also often less costly than leather or microfiber options. If you choose a couch or chair with a fabric cover you can remove it and toss it in the wash. This can refresh any room and make your furniture look like new. Plus, if you’re no longer feeling the original style you chose, add a new cover in a totally different color or style. While some thicker fabrics can be pretty durable, it’s important to know that this material can easily stain. In the event that you spill coffee on the arm of your sofa, for example, you’ll need to immediately apply a fabric cleaner to remove the stain before it sets in. Homes with kids or pets may be better off with leather or microfiber as they are easier to clean.

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