Don’t make a furniture mistake: The value of in-store service

Just like it’s a good idea to try on clothing and shoes before you buy them, there are many benefits to furniture shopping in person instead.

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Online shopping offers convenience as you make purchases from your home. However, just like it’s a good idea to try on clothing and shoes before you buy them, there are many benefits to furniture shopping in person. From getting a better sense of how furniture options look to speaking with experts, here are a few reasons you should consider shopping in-store:

Friendly furniture experts

It’s hard for the average customer to know the best furniture options for them. Should you choose solid wood or veneer, bonded leather or all leather? In-store experts can help you understand the features of different materials and furniture styles. Plus, these professionals can offer their advice on what options will get you the most for your money while staying on budget. Our professional sales team undergoes extensive training so they can provide you with the answers you require to make the right decision for your furniture needs.

Choosing the furniture for you

Have you ever purchased an item online, only to realize upon it’s arrival that it’s nothing like you thought? Looking at something over the computer can lead you to believe the item is one color, when really it’s something else entirely due to internet browsers or image quality. When browsing furniture in person, it’s a lot easier to notice the little details like the weave of the fabric, the shape of the legs and the size of the cushions. You’ll have a much better grasp of the size of a couch, for example, or the softness or firmness of a mattress if you’re physically there.

Talking through financing

Money plays a big role in making a large purchase like a piece of furniture. When you shop in-store, our professionals will help you stay within budget and even talk you through convenient financing options. We offer a range of financing options including the Grand Home Furnishings credit card with convenient monthly payments, a low monthly payment option and a no credit needed plan. We also offer lease to own with a flexible payment plan that you pay as you go with no credit check. It’s often easier to learn about financing options when you’re speaking to a real person instead of reading the fine print online. Plus, we can answer any questions you have right away.

Learn about extra options

When you buy new furniture, you’re not just purchasing a chair or a couch – these items are meant to host many years of memories, so it’s crucial to keep them clean and in good shape. To help do so, you’ll learn about extra offerings in the store, like fabric protection, cleaning and factory warranties. Plus, we’ll explain all your delivery options or work out a time for you to pick up your new furniture yourself. We offer next-day delivery within 100 miles of Grand Home Furnishings stores, and free mattress delivery for sets over $597. As a bonus when you buy a mattress set $597 or more, any furniture bought the same day is delivered along with your mattress set for free!

For the best understanding of furniture and mattress products plus additional offerings like financing, delivery and protection programs, visit Grand Home Furnishings in-store today.



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