4 styles to consider for your living room

Many people throw together some furniture and leave it at that without any thought to the design of the room. To give it a more uniform feel, why not choose a particular style?

4 styles for your living room

Do you want to switch up your living room with some style? Many people throw together some furniture without any thought to the design of the room. To give it a more uniform feel, why not choose a particular style to follow with furniture, flooring, wall and window coverings? If you’re not sure where to start, here are four styles to consider:

1. Cozy
When you get home and enter your living room, how do you want to feel? Is this a place you go to relax and get comfortable? If so, a cozy style is perfect for you. There is no official design book for a cozy look. Instead, consider what makes you feel warm and comfy. You may want super cushioned couches and armchairs with rich, dark wood side tables. The lighting will provide ambiance, with table lamps and dimmer overhead illumination. Consider installing a fireplace and a chandelier to add to the atmosphere. A lush, colorful rug can really tie the room together.

2. Airy and light
Do you have a tiny space you want to keep feeling fresh and clean? Opt for an airy and light style! Use mostly white and pastel furniture and wall coverings. Use minimal window coverings to allow for plenty of natural light. Then, add green plants and a few bright accessories. This room will feel like a vacation when you sit down after a long day.

3. Modern
If you like the idea of bright colors mixed with bold neutrals, modern may be for you. This style often features hues like dark grey, solid black, bright white and scarlet. To achieve a modern living room, look for furniture with sleek, straight lines. Go for metal and glass end tables and a geometric sectional couch. Any wood items like bookcases or chair should be stained mahogany or black. Look for metal accents like vases and light fixtures. Also consider adding mirrors to the room. One large mirror over the fireplace or centered above a couch is very modern. Or, use a collection of smaller mirrors to style your own gallery. Frameless and square or rectangular are best for this look.

4. Monotone
Nothing makes a statement quite like color. Instead of trying to decide on a combination of hues, select just one color. If you settle on blue, for example, take a look at the blue section of a color wheel. Paint the walls of your living room in cerulean and then feature a light blue sofa, teal lamps and cornflower accessories. Go totally blue for the entire room. This won’t get boring and monotonous if you pick a wide variety of shades. Or, keep neutrals like white, grey and black and use them in your blue theme if you’re not quite ready to commit to the color 100 percent. Adding one accent tone like bright magenta or yellow to a few places in the form of accessories (think candles, lamps, flowers or pillows) can also be a fun option.

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