3 key furniture pieces every teen bedroom needs [Video]

Add these three key furniture pieces to help make your teens' bedrooms the stylish, functional space they want and need:

Teen Bedroom

Your children’s teenage years are an important period of development and growth. This is often when they become most independent and their specific style preferences begin to emerge. It’s common to redesign their bedrooms to reflect their blossoming personalities and celebrate their individuality.

Consider everything from their bedrooms’ design theme to the color palette to establish a personal haven where your teens will feel comfortable and at home. Then, add these three key furniture pieces to help make your teen’s bedroom the stylish, functional space they want and need:

1. Desk
Adding a desk to a teen bedroom immediately transforms it from a sleeping space to a multi-functional area where your kids can get homework done, relax, browse the internet and catch some z’s. You might want to add a mirror to the wall along the desk for your teenager daughter. This would allow the area to serve as both a work station for school assignments and a vanity for getting ready before school. Does your son have sports trophies to display? A desk with a hutch will provide ample surface space for these and other belongings without taking up any room.

2. Storage bed
During their teenage years, kids often tend to collect a lot of belongings, from old toys they still hold onto, to items they get from school and extra curricular activities. This is why storage furniture can make all the difference. When updating to a teen bedroom it will likely involve buying a new bed. It may be worth it to find one with storage drawers to really make the most of the available space. You’ll find stylish single beds with storage that have the same visual appeal and comfort offered by your standard product.

There are also twin and full beds with pull-out trundle mattresses. These are ideal for sleepovers and are convenient if guests are staying over and you don’t have a spare bedroom.

3. Accent chair
In addition to artwork, wallpaper and other design elements that add a personal touch to the bedroom, a great way to get creative is with seating. For a hint of elegance, your daughter might like a stylish wingback chair with turned feet, rolled arms and a tufted back next to her window, establishing a sophisticated reading nook. A beanbagĀ or a fluffy butterfly chair effortlessly bring a more casual, unique touch to the space as well.




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