#StyleTip: How to Build Your Own Man Cave

With the NCAA Tournament around the corner, now is the perfect time to explore creating that man cave you’ve always wanted.

To The Man Cave!

What is a man cave, really? Are its walls hung with posters of race cars and beer ads? Is it a place to smoke cigars and play poker? Or will it be filled with shelves of comic books and action figures? Ultimately, it depends on the kind of man whose cave it is.

At its heart, a man cave is a place to come and take it easy, do the things you enjoy and make that space your own. What matters is that you feel like you can relax in your man cave, doing what you love best in comfort – maybe even luxury! Continue reading “#StyleTip: How to Build Your Own Man Cave”


What Makes Serta One of the Best Mattress Brands?

Serta has been an innovator in mattresses, especially in foam and adjustable mattresses.

I’ve already talked about why Tempur-Pedic and Sealy are among the best mattress brands. Today, I’m sharing why I think Serta is one of the best mattress brands, as well.

the best mattress Serta iComfortOne thing I really like about Serta is that they’ve always been an innovator in the bedding industry. For instance, their iComfort line kind of launched the idea that other mattresses besides Tempur-Pedic could be in the foam bedding business. Continue reading “What Makes Serta One of the Best Mattress Brands?”


Bring Your Living Room to Life With a Huntington House Sofa

Made in America and by a manufacturer that has a name synonymous with quality, this company’s custom pieces will give you exactly what you want without sacrificing comfort.

Buying a sofa is a serious decision. Whatever you choose will be the centerpiece of your living room. Every eye will be drawn to it when people walk into the room for the first time. The sofa you choose will define its space and set the tone of parties, family gatherings and lazy Sundays reading the newspaper for decades to come. It’s a lasting purchase, after all.

So it’s important to make the right choice. Finding exactly what you’re looking for in a sofa isn’t always easy. Thanks to the remarkable versatility of the Huntington House line you’ll be able to find exactly the shape and style of sofa you want with quality construction that will last you a lifetime. Continue reading “Bring Your Living Room to Life With a Huntington House Sofa”


#StyleTip: How to Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects

Spring is almost here and it’s nearly time to break out of hibernation. As you prepare for warm weather, we’re here to help you prioritize the home improvement projects that come with it.

As the flowers begin to peek out of the ground, we too are ready to embrace spring, pull up our sleeves and get to work attacking our to-do lists. How do you determine where to begin? Our designers have four tips for tackling your spring and summer home improvement projects. Continue reading “#StyleTip: How to Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects”


#StyleTip: Clean Your Kids’ Bedroom with Them & Have Fun Doing It

Do your kids’ bedrooms or playroom look like a tornado blew through it? Tame the mess and make organizing something even the kids will want to do.

There are few pains in life more absolute than stepping on the sharp edge of a hard plastic toy in your bare feet. Then again, getting your kid to pick up those blocks with the rest of their toys, books and clothes is definitely a pain all its own. But it doesn’t have to be!

There are lots of ways to get creative with kids to help transform tidying time from a chore to a fun activity. We’ve put together a few tricks to make cleaning and organizing fun for your kids. With a little bit of experimentation and persistence, you’ll make it so fun that they might even do it without being asked – once in a while, at least! Continue reading “#StyleTip: Clean Your Kids’ Bedroom with Them & Have Fun Doing It”


What is the Popular Rustic/Farmhouse Bedroom Style?

The farmhouse or rustic look is very on trend right now, thanks to the popularity of design and decorating TV shows like Fixer Upper.

The rustic/farmhouse bedroom style is a look you can use to create your own personal homey, restful retreat. Here’s an in-depth look at what is the rustic or farmhouse look and what makes it so popular Continue reading “What is the Popular Rustic/Farmhouse Bedroom Style?”


Thank You, Beckley, Together We Gave Over $2000 to Hospice.

The goal was to provide some financial relief to the people at Hospice of Southern West Virginia. With your help, we did it!

Last month, we told you about our Beckley community giving project to benefit Hospice of Southern West Virginia (HSWV) and your response was amazing! Together we raised $2120 for HSWV.  This last Monday, February 25, our Beckley store manager, Steve Tincher, presented them with the check for all the money raised. Continue reading “Thank You, Beckley, Together We Gave Over $2000 to Hospice.”


There’s a La-Z-Boy to Fit Every Living Room

La-Z-Boy is known for recliners, but this American furniture maker has continued to innovate and improve their designs to give you great options for your home.

La-Z-Boy living room iCleanLa-Z-Boy invented the recliner 90 years ago and the changes over the years are amazing. Today’s recliners come in so many styles, sizes and configurations you won’t believe it. You can find reclining chairs, of course, but also sofas, sectionals and love seats. They also make stationary furniture that doesn’t recline, if that’s what you are looking for, and even sleeper sofas with a memory foam mattress. Continue reading “There’s a La-Z-Boy to Fit Every Living Room”


#StyleTip: Pick The Paint That’s Right For Your Project

Looking to paint a room or some furniture soon? Here’s a guide to help you pick the paint right for whatever job you have at hand.

A visit to the paint aisle can be absolutely overwhelming. Endless rows of cans in different colors are already a lot to choose from. Then you have to figure out what kind of paint is right for the project. Does this hallway call for flat or eggshell white? Do I paint my garage door frame with interior or exterior paint? Should I stain this Adirondack chair or paint it? It’s a lot to keep track of but we’re here to help.

Have a look at the tips below on how to pick the paint that’s right for any home improvement project – with an eye to matching the furniture, of course! Continue reading “#StyleTip: Pick The Paint That’s Right For Your Project”


Introducing the New Emerald Craft Custom Sofa Series

You can create your own look with a completely customized sectional from Emerald Craft and the customization won’t cost extra at Grand

Buying a sofa can be a little bit of adventure. You might end up needing to put it together yourself or worse, find nothing but outdated patterns that haven’t aged well.

If you want to make sure you find the perfect sofa for your own style, then you’ve got to go check out the new F9/C9 series sectional sofas from Emerald Craft at Grand. They are part of an extraordinary Emerald Craft custom sofa program that lets you design the sofa that’s right for you. Instead of having to choose from rows of sofas that just aren’t quite your style, you can customize everything from the fabric to the welt to the style of the arm! And the best part? It’s all at no additional charge! Continue reading “Introducing the New Emerald Craft Custom Sofa Series”