Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better

We all know getting sleep is important at any age, but how do we make sure those Z’s are as effective as can be?

“I’m not tired!” We’ve all heard kids say this when it’s time to take a nap or go to bed, only to often have them fall asleep ten minutes later. Experts say kids sleep better when they get anywhere from 8 to 14 hours of sleep each night, depending on their age. But it isn’t just about how much sleep they are getting, we have to understand whether or not they are sleeping well.

Does your kid wake up feeling only somewhat rested or maybe not at all? Do their energy levels drop in the middle of the day or do they fall asleep before bedtime? Are they using coffee or energy drinks to get through the day? All of these can be signs the sleep your kids are getting either isn’t long enough or isn’t the best quality. Helping your kids sleep better is important not just for energy, but for brain development and to give their body time to recover and rebuild. Continue reading “Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better”


#StyleTip: How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger Without Remodeling

There are many ways to maximize what you have without adding a single square foot to your kitchen.

Does your kitchen feel cramped? It can be tempting to imagine tearing down walls to open up your kitchen space, but unless you have the right layout, knowledge and budget, a complete kitchen remodel may be out of the question. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a petite kitchen space.  Here are four simple tips to help you make your kitchen look and feel bigger today. Continue reading “#StyleTip: How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger Without Remodeling”


Introducing two new lines from “Home Town” hosts Ben and Erin Napier

Grand now offers the new Vaughan-Bassett furniture line by Home Town hosts Ben and Erin Napier

Their show “Home Town” has been a big hit and the new season starts Monday. If you love their artistic vision and passion for creating beautiful and inviting homes, we have something special in store for you. Now you can welcome Ben and Erin Napier into your home with their latest furniture collaboration with Vaughan-Bassett. Continue reading “Introducing two new lines from “Home Town” hosts Ben and Erin Napier”


#StyleTip: 5 Most Common Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Whether you’re furnishing an entire house or just updating a room, here are some design mistakes to avoid.

2019 is here and for many that means creating resolutions for reinventing themselves and their homes. If you’re one of the many who has decided to update their home this year, we have five design mistakes you should avoid. Continue reading “#StyleTip: 5 Most Common Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them”


How to Create a Happy Home for Christmas

The holidays are a time for family, friends and creating lifelong memories – it’s the happiest time of the year!

The stockings are hung, the house smells of pine and your Christmas shopping is done (or almost done.) The guests will be here any day now and the kids are ready for Santa to arrive. Christmas is almost here and we have a few tips to help you keep up the cheer and to create a happy home for Christmas. Continue reading “How to Create a Happy Home for Christmas”


#StyleTip: Creating the Perfect Eye-Catching Christmas Table Centerpiece

Wow your guests with these easy ideas for festive centerpieces

You’ve picked the perfect turkey recipe, your pantry is full of ingredients for making everything from Grandma’s famous stuffing to the traditional pecan pie, the linens are washed and the china is stacked on the buffet.

You’re almost ready to host the perfect Christmas dinner. Finish your preparations with a Christmas table centerpiece that will amaze your guests and make your table sparkle. Continue reading “#StyleTip: Creating the Perfect Eye-Catching Christmas Table Centerpiece”


What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief?

If you suffer from back pain, sleeping on the wrong mattress could be a contributing factor.

A lack of proper support can cause your muscles to do extra work over the course of the night, instead of relaxing and recuperating. Your body will try and make adjustments to compensate for that.

The right mattress, however, can make a world of difference. If you’re dealing with a lot of stress and strain, waking up feeling more pain than you went to bed with, having difficulty and stiffness when you get up in the morning – that could be a sign that your muscles are not getting a chance to relax. Continue reading “What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief?”


#StyleTip: How To Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year

Each December, designers and creatives alike eagerly await Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement.

The 2018 wait is over and living coral is the it color for 2019. This coral hue with a golden undertone will add an energetic vibe to any room and it will leave you feeling refreshed. This vibrant color can easily be incorporated into current designs or be the centerpiece of a new look for your home decor as we step into 2019.

Here are four tips for how to embrace living coral: Continue reading “#StyleTip: How To Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year”


Fall Furniture Trends from the 2018 Furniture Market

Every spring and fall, I attend the Furniture Market to see what new furniture fashions are trending and help decide which ones will make their way to you at Grand.

Back in April, I shared the spring furniture trends. Now here’s a look at the fall furniture trends that will be hitting the showrooms this winter.

One of the first things I noticed at this High Point Market was that some of the color palates from the spring are still holding up as popular fall furniture trends. I’m still seeing a lot of blush colors in the latest furniture offerings. Lots of Navy too, especially in the accessories.

fall furniture trends blushfall furniture trends blush sectionalfall furniture trends navy

There is still a lot of gray. Gray in everything, especially lots of gray wood. There were hardly any dark woods at all. I was kind of surprised that there was still so much grey wood – kind of a pickled gray, dark gray, light gray, meeting gray. Every variation you can imagine.

fall furniture trends grayfall furniture trends gray bedroom

But then, I saw some real pops of bright colors, too. Quite a bit of that spice or terracotta – which is a reddish brown. There was some of the hot pinks and raspberry color, some of the teal. There was some mint – which I was surprised to see, but I saw it in several showrooms. Not a lot of browns or earth tones, this time around.

fall furniture trends terracottaFall furniture trends raspberryfall furniture trends color

The fall furniture trends also included some interesting shapes. There were some really cool new designs in chairs. Very eclectic. A lot of unusual chair styles. They were different and unique and a lot of the showrooms were mixing them in, so not everything was so matchy-matchy. I like that look with not everything being the same. I noticed some of the occasional tables were very different looking, as well.

fall furniture trends chairfall furniture trends chairs

Ottomans and poufs were big as well – functioning as an extra table, with a tray on it or as extra seating. You would see a coffee table with a sofa and then, on the other side of the coffee tables they would have two little ottomans for extra seating. That becomes a real inexpensive way of adding in seating.

fall furniture trends poufsfall furniture trends ottomans

Another fall furniture trend I saw was that things are scaling back a bit in size. Sofas weren’t as big, There were smaller bedroom groups. It seems people are paying more attention to more loft options and apartments, or people going into retirement and downsizing.

fall furniture trends downsize

La-Z-Boy is doing an Urban Collection, which is a little edgier, but on a smaller scale, size-wise. Very simple, with the basics and then you have your accents and your pillows – which you can mix and match very easily. It’s kind of eclectic, but on a smaller scale.

There wasn’t a lot of traditional furniture at this Market. Everything seems more contemporary or more transitional. Even when I went to look at Gat Creek, which is made in West Virginia and is solid wood furniture, a lot of their stuff is not as traditional as it has been in the past. They’re taking more semi-traditional lines and making them more edgier, more youthful. Transitional look. They had some beautiful stuff.

fall furniture trends contemporary

One other thing I noticed, was that rugs are a huge thing. If you want a pink rug, a purple rug, any color of the rainbow, to give your room a pop of color, you can find it at any price range. They had some beautiful stuff. And it’s not just for your hardwood floors. They were showing rungs on top of carpet, even a lot of showrooms were layering rugs – with rugs on top of rugs.

fall furniture trends rugs on rugsfall furniture trends colorful accessories

So, those were some of the fall furniture trends I saw at this year’s High Point Market. We bought quite a few of them and they’re starting to show up in our Grand showrooms now. Stop on by and take a look for yourself.

This part of a series of posts on the latest furniture trends by Jill Truitt, Grand’s Corporate Display Coordinator/Buyer and top designer. She’s been a part of the Grand family for over 25 years, and today, she’s in charge of the look you’ll find in the showrooms of all 20 Grand stores.

If you have questions/comments for Jill or our design team, or to schedule time with a design consultant, please email


#StyleTip: Ideas for Decorating Your Tree This Christmas

From lights and tinsel to toys, there are many ways to decorate your tree for the holiday season.

Last week, we looked to the movies for Christmas decorating inspiration, this week our designers share some tree inspiration. Whether it’s your first Christmas tree or you’re a seasoned pro, our design experts have tips to get your tree trimmed.

A touch of tradition

Christmas tree traditionsYou can’t go wrong with a classic. Pairing white lights with traditional Christmas ball ornaments or other glass shapes is a simple, but time-honored look. You can spice it up with twinkling lights or add some tinsel, though we suggest skipping the tinsel if you have pets. Finish it up with a traditional tree skirt and you’ll have a look that will stand the test of time. Continue reading “#StyleTip: Ideas for Decorating Your Tree This Christmas”