Creating a Happy Home for Thanksgiving

The food, the family, the fun memories being made – what isn’t there to love about Thanksgiving time?

There’s just something so wonderful about gathering together with your family and remembering all the things there are to be thankful for.

Happy home thanksgiving tableWe know you’re busy preparing to host the annual feast with loved ones, and that one of the most important aspects is creating a happy home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since happy homes are especially near and dear to our heart, here are some tips that can help ensure this turkey day is an excellent one. Continue reading “Creating a Happy Home for Thanksgiving”


Selecting Dining Room Seating Options that Work for any Occasion

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season just around the corner, you may be thinking about how you’ll accommodate the whole family at the dining room table this year.

Fortunately, there are numerous dining room seating options, both traditional and more on the creative side, that can help alleviate the stress of making sure there is dining space for all.

kids dining room seatingI remember going to the relative’s houses for holiday meals and the kids would always be at the card table. Wouldn’t it be nice to get everyone around the table so no one feels left out?

Dining room seating 101

Dining room options vary based on the size of the room and the size of the family, but overall, you will be considering the following:

  • Comfort. Think about it this way – the meal is usually just the start of your time at the dining room table and is followed up with hearty conversation, so you want to make sure the seats are comfortable. You can choose from padded seats, traditional wood seats or sculpted wood seats.
  • Height. There are normal dining room chairs, as well as counter height dining with 24-inch seats and bar stool height dining options with 30-inch seats.
  • dining room seating stylesStyle. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. And even if you want something unique, finding dining room seating that fits your style can be simple, thanks to brands like Canadel They are able to create custom options that are designed by you. From color, size, type of wood and finish, Canadel will make it specifically how you order it. If you’re a fan of the rustic look, Kincaid Furniture’s Plank Road collection is worth considering.
  • Size. For a family of four, I would suggest buying at least a 42 or 48-inch table, with an 18-inch leaf. You can go up to a 42- or 48-inch round table and an 18-inch leaf would take that out to a 64- or 68-inch table. If you need even more seating, Grand has tables that can extend up to almost 10 ft. long accommodating 10 to 12 people. You can also consider whether you would prefer a table with a single or double pedestal or maybe a farmhouse type with four or even five legs depending on the length.

Tips for picking dining room table options

One way to ensure your dining room seating options are versatile is to plan ahead. The next time you purchase a new dining room table, take a moment to think about how it will fit your family’s everyday life, as well as how it will be able to accommodate special occasions like birthday gatherings and holiday meals with the whole family.

dining room seating oakI suggest looking into extendable tables, such as drop-leaf tables, which have a fold-able leaf that can extend the table size or those that can be elongated and have an extra leaf or two added to the center when pulled apart.

One of my favorite aspects of extendable tables is those that have self-storing leaves. Instead of having to store the leaves in the closet or another location where they could get banged up or damaged, these table leaves can be pulled out and stored right under the table.

Creative dining room seating options

If space is at a premium at your home or you do not have an extendable table, there are still other creative seating options available.

You could opt to have dining room chairs and bench seating available. Benches can offer an extra seat or two at the table, while more chairs could be added as well. This could serve as an excellent way to get the kids upgraded from “the kids’ table” to the family table.

dining room seating cocktail tableThere is also the option to use tray tables or cocktail tables if living room space is needed to fit the family. There are cocktail tables with tops that will lift up and come back down to sofa height, making them especially convenient. You could also add counter height chairs or bar stools to your kitchen island if you have one. Don’t have a kitchen island but have space for one? There is the option to buy a rolling island and using it for additional seating space or cooking space.

No matter how you opt to maximize your dining room seating options to meet your holiday gathering needs, remember one thing: it’s always about coming together as a family and being comfortable.

This is part of an ongoing series on dining room furniture, written by Paul Hurst, one of Grand’s Assistant Store Managers.

If you’d like to contact Paul or schedule a consultation with any of our design associates to find the perfect dining room set, send an email to


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#StyleTip: Thanksgiving Home Decor Done the DIY Way

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Embracing the Modern Style in your Living Room Design

The modern style is one that burst onto the scene just over half a century ago, and since then, has remained an ever-present aspect of the home decor realm.

What should you be taking into consideration when you want your living room design done in the modern style? It all comes down to simplicity.

What is the modern style?

There are two things to remember when thinking about the modern style:

  1. Form follows function
  2. Less is more

Continue reading “Embracing the Modern Style in your Living Room Design”