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Home furniture trends for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, there’s less time to complete a home design project this year. But putting off the remodeling job that your house needs until 2014 isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. If you pay attention to trends in fashion, style and popular culture, why not get a jump on the trends of home furnishings and design for 2014?

Home furniture trends for 2014

Home furniture trends for 2014

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen, expand your dining room furniture or even build a laundry area, brush up on some of the hottest trends for 2014 remodeling.

Black kitchen countertops 
Black surfaces will be in – especially in the kitchen. The simple dark color will help with the minimalistic, less-is-more vibe of 2014. The Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report for 2014 noted an increase in the popularity of black, stone countertops. Easy-to-clean, heat-proof stone countertops have been increasing in popularity over the past decade, but they were most frequently seen in gray, green or mixed colors. Homeowners can save money by choosing granite over other stone finishes. The report also pointed out that cabinets and other areas around these dark countertops should be painted with grays and whites to give the kitchen a light feel despite the black counters.

Dark colors in the home office
Dark colors don’t have to be limited to the countertops. Dark colors can give your home office furniture a glamorous touch in 2014, according to House Beautiful magazine. Try dark wooden shelving, leather chairs and metallic furniture pieces as accents against dark navy or green walls. The style calls back to an older time with castles and candlelight, but works well today. You can use dark colors and furniture in your home office to repurpose the space – home office by day, library or sitting room by night.

Vintage finds
Vintage furniture may also be on the rise in 2014, designer Lindsay Souza told House Beautiful. Because of the overexposure of trends on the Internet, Souza said, most furniture trends last for less time than they used to, putting extra emphasis on anything handmade, original and old. Look for antique chairs or desks to add a unique flair to a sitting area. Older wooden furniture will also go with the dark countertops, furniture and walls that will be trending in 2014.

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